Future Plans: Zebaleen Fire Festival

On the weekend of Feb 4th to 6th 2011, the Magid Arcology Urban Farm will host the Zebaleen Fire Festival.  We will honor the City, the farm that is about to revert to life  and we shall also recognize the work of those we call the Zebaleen – artists and tradespeople who salvage and (re)build.

The Festival will feature Drummers, Singers, Musicians and various Performers, Pyrotechnicians, Craftspeople, Artists and Technologists.

Stalls, competitions and other diversions are welcomed. Please contact the Magid Arcology Center for details and bookings

Please note that, although not intended as a purely religious event, the date is significant.  This festival will mark the start of Spring, halfway between the winter solstice and the vernal equinox.   For Americans, it roughly corresponds to Groundhog Day, when tradition has it that if a groundhog sees its shadow outside the burrow at dawn, there will be six more weeks of winter.

This holiday is known as Imbolc,  Solmonath and Candlemass, and to the Druids, it was Oimeaig (pronounced /im-mo(l)g/).


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