ISO Container as Workshop

This is an example of the MAC fabrication capabilities. This is a completely mobile workshop that fits within a standard 20′ ISO contaner.

This example is set up for the construction of orthopaedic equipment – but could rapidly be configured for other tasks and crafts

Tools for Workshop

Qty Description
1 Allen key set in pocket wallet, 8 piece, 1.5, 2, 2.5, 3, 4, 5, 5.5, 6, 8, 10mm
1 Bending iron, chrome vanadium steel, flat, 7 + 9mm
1 Bendingiron, chrome vanadium steel, flat, 6 + 4mm
1 Bending iron, chrome vanadium steel, round, 4 + 6mm
1 Bending iron, chrome vanadium steel, round, 6 + 8mm
1 Bending iron,, 16 and 20mm side bar widths
1 Caliper, 600mm
1 Divider, spring joint, steel forged, 150mm
1 File, half round, cut 2, 250mm complete with 115mm polypropylene handle
1 File, flat, cut 2, 250mm complete with 115mm polypropylene handle
1 File,round, cut 2, 250mm complete with 115mm polypropylene handle
1 File, triangular, cut 2, 200mm complete with handle
1 File, surform, with handle, STANLEY, 250mm long, fitted with a flat blade
10 File, surform spare blade, STANLEY, flat, standard, 250mm long
1 File, surform, with handle, STANLEY, 250mm long, fitted with a half round blade
10 File, surform spare blade, STANLEY, half round, 250mm long
1 File, surform, with handle, STANLEY, 250mm long, fitted with a round blade
10 File, surform spare blade, STANLEY, round, 250mm long
1 Glue container, 0.45l, for glues, paints etc. with brush
1 Hammer, ball pein, one flat and one deep pane, 200g
1 Hammer, riveting / engineers, complete with wooden handle, 300g
1 Knife, snap off blade type, including blade with 8 cutting points
1 Knife, deburring tool, LB 1000, quick change
10 Knife, deburring tool spare blade, heavy duty type BS 1010
1 Knife,shoemakers, TINA, 240 x 13mm, plastic covered handle
1 Mallet, rubber, 500g head
1 Measuring tape, power lock, metric graduations, 19mm x 3m
1 Measuring tape, Tailors, 1500mm long, metric graduations
1 Nut, driver, hexagonal head, 17 mm with T-handle, 125mm
1 Pencil, indelible pencil, FABER CASTEL, blue ( per pack of 12 )
1 Plier, carpenters all purpose wire nippers, 250mm
1 Plier, combination, dip insulated handles, 200mm
1 Plier, side cutter, CV Steel, insulated handles, 180mm
1 Plier, water pump, CV Steel, dip insulated handles, 300mm
1 Plier, long nose, 200mm, 45° curved, CV Steel, dip insulated handles
1 Punch and chisel set, 6 piece, containing – centre punch, hand punch 2mm,
hand punch 4mm, flat chisel 12mm, flat chisel 16mm, cross chisel 5mm
1 Punch, hole, revolving head, 6 punch tubes
1 Riveting  bar, 680mm, drop forged with rivet hole
1 Rivet header, chrome vanadium steel, 13 x 110mm
1 Rule,  precision steel, stainless steel with etched graduations, L = 1m x W = 25mm x Thickness = 2mm
1 Saw- Hacksaw frame, 300mm, adjustable, complete with blade
20 Saw- Hacksaw blade, HSS, bi-metal, single edged, 18 TPI, 300mm long
1 Scissors,LISTER bandage, eccentric, stainless steel, serrated blade, 140mm
1 Scissors,general purpose household type, 175mm, black lacquered handle
1 Screwdriver, flat, black tip, high quality, CV Steel, 3.5x 75mm
1 Screwdriver, flat, black tip, high quality, CV Steel, 4.0 x 100mm
1 Screwdriver, flat, black tip, high quality, CV Steel, 6.0x 125mm
1 Screwdriver, flat, black tip, high quality, CV Steel, 8.0x 150mm
1 Screwdriver, flat, black tip, high quality, CV Steel, 10 x200mm
1 Screwdriver, Phillips head, black tip, high quality, CV Steel,PH0, 3 x 60mm
1 Screwdriver, Phillips head, black tip, high quality, CV Steel,PH1, 4.5 x 80mm
1 Screwdriver, Phillips head, black tip, high quality, CV Steel,PH2, 6 x 100mm
1 Screwdriver, Phillips head, black tip, high quality, CV Steel,stubby, size 01
1 Scriber,fixed two point, 212mm, one tip 90° bent
1 Shear,sheet metal, tin snip, 300mm
1 Spanner,GEDORE, combination, 18 piece – 6, 7, 8, 9, 10, 11, 12, 13, 14,
15, 16, 17, 18, 19, 20, 21, 22 & 24mm
1 Square,engineers, high quality, 90°, 150mm
1 Vernier calipers, V 200, 200mm, vernier x 0.02mm
1 Vice grip, heat-treated forged steel, 250mm
1 Wire scratch brush, with five rows of bristles, 280mm long, wooden handle
1 Woodrasp, medium cut, half round, 300mm, complete with handle

Tool Cabinet

1 Tool cabinet, GEDORE, rigid sheet metal structure, 3 drawers and 2 shelves,
spot-welded racks and hooks for selected tools, lockable with cylinder
type lock, W x D x H = 650 x 250 x 970mm

Workbench & Accessories

1 Workbench, 3 drawer unit, steel frame with Saligma wood top, work surface height of 850mm, bench top of 1500 x 830mm. Drawer height = 3 x 100mm
2 Vice,bench, engineers, heavy duty, jaw width 125mm, jaw opening 150mm
2 Stool,wooden, bar counter type, for workbenches

Welding Machine & Accessories

1 Standard,oil bath electric welding machine, 220V / 50Hz / 18A, welding capacity 55 to 140A, four adjustments, 10 litre oil capacity
1 Set of welding cables, 2m in length, complete with earth clamp and electrode
2 G- clamp, 200mm, forged
1 Welding helmet, flip front, lens size 108 x 50mm
1 Welding glove, protective type, leather, with 400mm cuff ( per pair )
1 Welding electrodes, general purpose, medium coated, rutile type, 2.5mm (
per 5kg )
1 Welding electrodes, general purpose, medium coated, rutile type, 3.2mm (
per 5kg )

Metalworking Machinery & Accessories

1 Combined socket router / wide belt sander, JTMI Model # OM / CO R WS 250,
380V / 50Hz / 2 – 3HP, with stand, M16 connection, 2 speed 1400/ 2800 RPM, electrical control box with emergency stopRight side: 2 speed socket router, M16 connection, and adjustable
chip-collecting basin with 100mm diameter suction connection

Left side: 2 speed wide belt sander, 90° tiltable for horizontal and vertical operation, 100mm diameter suction connection, protective belt cover, support table with guide rails, belt size:250mm x 2000mm

1 Drill bit, rotary rasp head, 27 x 76mm x M16, for aluminium, plastics
1 Drill bit, rotary rasp head, 30 x 80mm x M16, for wood / soft foams
1 Drill bit, rotary rasp head, 50 x 100mm x M16, for wood / soft foams
1 Drill bit, spiral cutter, HSS, tree shaped, 27 x 76mm x M16
10 JT Sanding belt, 2000mm long x 250 mm wide x 40 grit
10 JT Sanding belt, 2000mm long x 250 mm wide x 80 grit
1 Sanding drum, conical, 22/36mm diameter x 60mm long, M16
10 JT Sanding sleeve, 22/36mm diameter x 60mm long x 80 grit
1 Sanding drum, rubber core, 45mm diameter x 75mm long
10 JT Sanding sleeve, 45mm diameter x 75mm long, grit 120
1 Sanding drum, conical hole, 72.5mm diameter x 200mm long
10 JT Sanding sleeve, 72.5mm diameter x 200mm long, grit 50
1 JT Vacuum unit – 220V / 50Hz / 0.25kW, 8 cubic m/hr, 95% vacuum, oil
lubricated, low maintenance pump complete with 50l mobile receiver
tank, vacuum switch, ball valve, vacuum gauge, 1/4″ lubricator
plus 1/4″ water trap filter.
1 Grinding machine, double, ILLER CS 106D, 220V / 50Hz / 0.18kW, speed 2850
RPM, 2 normal corundum grinding wheels, 150mm diameter x width 19mm,
bore 13mm, with spark protection on both sides, left side grain
36, right side grain 60, complete on machine stand
1 Goggles, safety, grade 2 impact protection
1 Drilling machine, column, ILLER 100F, 220V / 50Hz / 0.38kW, on stand, speed
infinitely adjustable, 210 – 2580 RPM, drilling capacity in steel
up to 16mm, table 310mm round, tilt of table 45°, vertical adjustment
1 Vice, machine, 125mm jaw width, 115mm chucking span, for all column-drilling
1 Drill set, HSS, DIN 338, 1 – 13mm, with 0.5mm increments ( 25 pieces )
10 Drill bit, high performance, HSS, 3.0mm
10 Drill bit, high performance, HSS, 3.5mm
10 Drill
bit, high performance, HSS, 4.0mm
10 Drill bit, high performance, HSS, 4.5mm
1 Drill bit, conical, HSS, 5 to 20mm, total length 71mm, 8mm shank
1 Drill bit, conical, HSS, 16 to 30.5mm, total length 76mm, 9mm shank
1 Drill bit, countersink, HSS, straight shank, 13mm diameter 3 flute, 90°
1 JT 255 Oven , 220V / 50Hz / 2.4kW, stainless steel, internal
dimension 800 x 640 x 500mm, V = 256 litre, double swing door with
inspection window, quiet air turbine, adjustable, heating on 4 sides,
digital timer, digital display, 2 perforated stainless steel shelves,
temperature up to 300°C, overheat controller, interior lighting


1 4.5kg dry powder extinguishers complete with hanging brackets, Class ABC
Approval: Accepted and recognized by the following organisations
– SABS, ASIB, Fire Surveyors Association of SA, Dep of Public Works
& Land Affairs, Department of Transport, Department of Education,
Department of Water Affairs, The Chamber of Mines, Transnet, SANDF,
Armscor, Escom, The Municipal Fire Department and Major Oil CompaniesFeatures: Controllable discharge with pressure gauge and
relief valve, simple operation, compact and attractive design, ideal
for all applications, discharge nozzle and instruction label, colour
coded blue, complete with wall bracket

Application: Suitable for Class A ( combustable materials- wood, paper, textiles ) Class B ( flammable liquids / gasses – petroleum, oil, solvents / propane, butane, LPG acetylene ) and Class C ( electrical ) fire risks. For indoor and outdoor use

Maintenance: It is recommended every 12 months, or sooner ( depending on Local Authorities ). Pressure testing of cylinder is required every 5 years to comply with SABS 0105 and SABS 1475

First Aid Kit in Metal Box

1 2x 50ml wound cleaner, 1 x gauze swabs ( 100 ), 2 x 50g cotton wool,
1 x gauze swabs ( 5 ), 1 x tweezer, 1 x scissors, 1 x safety pins,
2 x triangular bandages, 2 x medium bandage 75mm, 2 x bandage large
100mm, 2 x fad medium, 2 x fad large, 1 x plaster 25mm, 1 x paper
tape, 1 x plasters ( 24 ), 2 x splints, 2 pairs glove medium, 2
pairs glove large, CPR piece, 1 x 25g antiseptic cream

Plate & Bar Shears

1 Shears, plate & bar, SWORDFISH, for flat and round materials, blade
length 200mm complete with handle and mobile shear stand

Storage Cabinets & Accessories

2 Cupboard, lockable, double door, steel powder coated, H x W x D = 1800 x 900
x 450mm, complete with four adjustable shelves
5 Glove, chrome leather, work gloves, for industrial and general purpose
use ( per pair )
5 Glove,NORMAC loop pile, heat resistant, with cuff ( per pair )
2 Ear muff / protector, high quality
2 Dust mask, general purpose, for filtering dust and non toxic particles ( per 50 )
1 Hot air gun, STEINEL HL 1800E, 220V / 50Hz / 1.8kW, electronic, built in temperature sensor, air volume infinitely variable
1 Hot air gun, STEINEL, 4mm welding nozzle, fits model 1800E
1 Hot air gun, STEINEL, 9mm reducing nozzle, fits model 1800E
1 Drilling machine, METABO SB 650, 220V / 50Hz / 650W, 2 speed impact, 14 /
6Nm torque, 1.5 to 13mm geared chuck, 2.1kg
1 Buffing mop / polishing wheel, 100 x 13 x 10mm bore to use with METABO drilling machine above
1 Jigsaw, METABO, 220V / 50Hz / 610W, heavy duty, variable speed, orbital,
torque: 5.5 Nm
5 Jig saw blade, METABO, for plastic, hard and soft wood ( per pack of 5 )
5 Jig saw blade, METABO, for soft steel, nonferrous metal and aluminium ( per pack of 5 )
1 Plaster cast saw, FEIN, electric, straight, 220V / 50Hz / 0.09kW, oscillating
10 Plaster cast saw blade, 64mm diameter
1 Trash container, round, with lid, diameter 400 x 600mm high, capacity 90 litres carrying handles complete on a mobile trolley, diameter 400mm, with 3 x 70mm swivel castors
1 Scale, electronic, battery or mains operation, digital readout, capacity 2000g, scale division 1g, weighing platform 132 x 160mm
1 AC/ DC Adaptor for scale, 220V
1 Extension lead, 3 core, 10m, white
1 Torch, halogen, rechargable halogen spotlight, can be recharged from either an 220VAC wall outlet or from a 12VDC cigarette lighter socket
1 Rivet, copper, 4 x 20mm long ( per 1000 )
1 Rivet,steel, galvanized, 4 x 20mm long ( per 1000 )
1 T-nut/ chamfered nut, M10, 25mm OD, 4 prong ( per 100 )
1 Bolt,hexagon head, full thread, M10 x 65mm ( per 100 )
1 Washer, mild steel, M10 ( per 100 )
1 Self tapping screws, galvanized, 4 x 38mm ( per 100 )
1 Dustpan with brush
1 Floor broom, stiff bristle, 305mm


4 Single phase, surface mount 15A plug sockets
1 Single phase, surface mount 15A plug sockets, double
1 3 phase, surface mount, 16A plug socket, male & female
1 Surface mount, single lever light switch
3 4ft,double tube open, fluorescent light fittings
6 4ft fluorescent tubes
1 12 way, surface mount DB board
1 60A/ 2.5kA, triple pole earth leakage
1 15A/ 2.5kA, triple pole circuit breaker
2 20A/ 2.5kA, circuit breaker
1 10A/ 2.5kA, circuit breaker
10 Installation of 10 electrical points, including conduit, wires, saddles, screws,
plus fixing down of machinery etc.


1 20 foot, wind and watertight container – standard ISO
1 Brass padlock complete with three keys, 40mm

Generator Set

1 LOMBARDINI 12.5kVA / 3 phase diesel generator, electric start Engine / alternator combination mounted on fabricated steel base frame with anti fibration
mountings fitted between the combination and the base frameSpecifications – Engine: Air cooled, twin cylinder, Electric Start, Bore x Stroke 86 x 75mm, Rating kW / HP 14.7 / 19 @ 3000 RPM. Fuel tank capacity 10litres, Fuel consumption 4.55 litres perhour
Specifications – SINCRO Alternator end 12.5 kVA. Frequency- 50Hz,

Construction – extruded aluminium housing, front and rear shields are in die cast aluminium alloy with ventilation openings protected by heat resistant mesh. Rotor in magnetic sheet slotted to protect the winding from overspeed. Shaft in C40 steel, self lubricated bearings with double seal protection ( 2RS ).

Protection : IP21 according to UNEL 05516 – 71 and IEC 34- 5 International Standards. Voltage accuracy is kept within 5%.

15 Neoprene cable, 5 core, 6mm², for electrical connection between generator and distribution board

If mains power is available, generator set may be disconnected from DB board and mains may be used


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