Stoves for the homeless

The MAC (as part of a project to help the homeless of Tifton) has been contracted to produce a number of prototype ‘rocket ovens’ – and then teach the necessary construction and cooking techniques to the people who will be using these stoves.

Rocket Stoves have the following advantages

  • They can be easily constructed from salvaged materials (cans, bricks, even stones)
  • They can burn any solid fuel or biomass (wood, cardboard, paper, grass clippings)
  • They are very efficient and reduce IAP (indoor air pollution)


The basic design is illustrated here


This unit can become the basic building block for a larger (communal) cooking facility.  But that is beyond the current remit

A Rocket Stove made from coffee cans can be seen in operation here:

And here is the large-size version.  It requires additional cost and non-salvaged materials, so may be more appropriate for a community project


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