New designs for ISO container homes

The Magid Arcology has developed the following designs.

All are based on the standard 40-foot ISO container

This is the “family” model: 2 bedrooms, kitchen/living room and a bath/laundry room

For those who need or prefer less space (and a lower rent) we have the duplex model

Each occupant has their own bedroom – but shares use of bathroom and kitchen.

For an even more basic approach, we have a “3-bad & 2-bath” design.  Which is probably best-fitted to use in hostels or other short-term accommodation



Project CRUSH

This video shows an interesting project in Haiti – turning rubble into useful building material.
The possible use of these devicices in “The Barrens” is being investigated

The 50 machines needed for modern civilisation

The Global Village Construction Set

Masdar. The World’s first city-sized arcology?

Masdar is a (or will be) a City in the Middle East. It looks like an interesting experiment and perhaps something that could be modified.

The Cube Project

An idea from the UK.  This may seem a little extreme – but it has some interesting implications for Arcology Design

Dr Mike Page, the originator of the The Cube Project, is giving you a tour in the ultra-compact eco-home in which one person could live a comfortable life with minimum impact on the environment.

Constructed from a variety of sustainable materials, the Cube provides everything that a single person (or two friendly people) might need.

Within its 27 cubic metres it includes a lounge, with a table and two custom-made chairs, a small double bed (120cm wide), a full-size shower, a kitchen (with energy-efficient fridge, induction hob, re-circulating cooker hood, sink/drainer, combination microwave oven and storage cupboards), a washing machine, and a composting toilet.

Lighting is achieved by ultra-efficient LED lights, and the Cube is heated using an Ecodan air-source heat pump, with heat being recovered from extracted air. It has cork flooring and there is two-metre head height throughout.

A panoramic tour of the cube can be seen here

Fire Festival Flyer

Publicity for the Fire Festival

Fire Festival flyer

Fire Festival updates

  • Permits for the Fire festival have been obtained.
  • Emergency Service personnel will be attending
  • Stalls, bands, musicians and firebreathers will be performing